about me

I grew up in my formative years in Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa and in my teens traveled to the middle-east and later the Netherlands. I was exposed at an early age to art and the power of the mind which I however chose to set aside in pursuit of a worldly life studying theoretical computer science, going into the world of business and later development aid in higher education, which took me to Africa, later Bolivia, Curaçao and then I ended up for some years again in Cape Town.

My own transformation came about gradually, though sometimes abruptly, like discovering almost overnight that I could do life-like portraits in oil paint and later discovering the power of self-hypnosis and regression, re-framing and finding my way back to myself.

I have now chosen to dedicate myself to the pursuit of inner understanding and offering what I have discovered to others, with the hope that it will benefit them in the pursuit of a meaningful life, happy, abundant life as much as it has me.

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” —Carl Gustav Jung